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ITMF prepares to launch new marketing toolkit

For 8 years, IT support companies all over the UK have relied on the IT Marketing Factory to produce monthly newsletters for their customers and prospects – regular, topical news articles to build customer loyalty and retain mindshare. Now we’re launching a complementary s
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IT websites are the worst around – or is that cobblers?

Brogues, Mens Shoes Brown Old
Is there an English equivalent to the French saying which states that a cobbler’s shoes are generally in a worse state of repair than other people’s? Well, you get the gist anyway. Basically, they are so busy mending their customers’ footwear that they never get around to
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How to be their window on the world

Be your clients’ Windows 8.1 on the IT world
We’re just one week away from the release of Windows 8.1, Microsoft’s first major update to its latest OS. So how will you be communicating your position on this landmark event to your clients? If you are planning a blog post, an email campaign or just a simple tweet then go straight
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Whose subject line is it anyway?

Checking emails. set of envelopes with email
When you’re working on your next email campaign, remember to put as much time and thought into your subject line as you do the content. It’s the first thing your recipients will see and has the power to determine whether they open, ignore or simply delete your email. As an Essex marke
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Spotlight on lightboxes

The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) has ruled in favour of a complaint made by Vodaphone customers who said the mobile provider did not make minimum call time charges clear on its website. The firm argued that these details were in fact displayed in a lightbox but the ASA ruled
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Lessons in marketing from The Apprentice

man pointing
I’m not sure The Apprentice always lives up to its reputation as a hard-hitting show about the realities of business life – but I confess to being a fan. As the head of a web marketing agency, I understand the need for reality TV shows to balance authenticity with entertai
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Latest marketing buzzwords explained

Marketing trends are changing and developing at an alarming rate – there’s always some new fandangled craze – and along with new strategies comes a whole new lexicon to understand. So do you know your ‘marchitecture’ from your ‘omnichannel’? Thought not. Let us explain the new b
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A like on Facebook is worth £112 for brands

A like message on enter keyboard for social media concepts.
If you think social networking is something your business can afford to take or leave, think again. As social media becomes an increasingly powerful marketing channel, a recent report has estimated that a like on Facebook equates to a value of £112.25 to your brand. Social Intelligenc
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Stuck for words? Hire a copywriter

Screwed up paper
We can all write. So why would you want to hire a copywriter? Well, when you’re looking to create the right impression, a professional will have the skills and experience to convey what you want to say eloquently, presenting your company in its very best light. Of course, you know you
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Video thrilled the media stars

They say a picture paints a thousand words. It seems that modern media is ever more concerned with all things visual – just look at the popularity of social media sites photography based ones like Instagram and video centric ones such as YouTube and Vimeo. Online video is becomi
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