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Spotlight on lightboxes

The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) has ruled in favour of a complaint made by Vodaphone customers who said the mobile provider did not make minimum call time charges clear on its website.

The firm argued that these details were in fact displayed in a lightbox but the ASA ruled this was not an acceptable means of displaying terms and conditions as it did not make them visible enough. As a specialist marketing agency to IT companies, this case naturally caught our attention.

The IT Marketing Factory writes many websites for its customers and, whilst Vodafone may have been reprimanded for the use of this web tool, we can vouch that a lightbox can be a great feature when used in the right way.

A lightbox is a pop-up window that web designers can use on their web sites, enabling the display of content without visitors needing to click away from the page they were already on. Ideal uses for this tool are for picture galleries, portfolios and video content.

If you’d like to know a bit more about using lightboxes and whether they’d be useful as part of your web design, contact us at The IT Marketing Factory for information on this or any other aspect of online marketing for IT support companies – give us a shout on 01268 778555.

Intent on becoming a foreign news correspondent, Stuart decided to read Modern Languages at Newcastle University before stumbling into a career in IT. One of his more successful student day stumbles, Stuart went on to run his own IT support company for 8 years before selling it in 2005. One of his great frustrations during this period was the poor communication he experienced from technology companies. Another was Saracens' inability to win the Premiership. Convinced there was something he could about the first, Stuart promptly set up the IT Marketing Factory in 2006 to tackle this issue head on. Of course, the second issue also resolved itself nicely at Twickenham in May 2011.

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