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IT websites are the worst around – or is that cobblers?

Brogues, Mens Shoes Brown Old
Is there an English equivalent to the French saying which states that a cobbler’s shoes are generally in a worse state of repair than other people’s? Well, you get the gist anyway. Basically, they are so busy mending their customers’ footwear that they never get around to
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How to be their window on the world

Be your clients’ Windows 8.1 on the IT world
We’re just one week away from the release of Windows 8.1, Microsoft’s first major update to its latest OS. So how will you be communicating your position on this landmark event to your clients? If you are planning a blog post, an email campaign or just a simple tweet then go straight
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A like on Facebook is worth £112 for brands

A like message on enter keyboard for social media concepts.
If you think social networking is something your business can afford to take or leave, think again. As social media becomes an increasingly powerful marketing channel, a recent report has estimated that a like on Facebook equates to a value of £112.25 to your brand. Social Intelligenc
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Spring clean your IT marketing

Spring – the weather gets warmer, the days grow longer and plants and flowers come into bloom. Our moods lift and we feel a new lease of life – hence our new-found productivity and desire to undertake a bit of spring cleaning! So why not apply the same vigour to knocking y
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New Year special offers – only 15 days left

If you’re hungry for new ideas, the IT Marketing Factory is offering a veritable smorgasbord of online marketing and copywriting services to help target new business in 2013. What’s more, many of our packages are on special offer until the end of this month so speak to our experts tod
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4 tips for successful social media marketing

Social Networking Keyboard Keys
These days it seems like everyone is into social media, using it to market their businesses – except you! If you’re one of the last to be converted, getting started may seem a daunting process. But don’t worry, you too can use these channels to start your social medi
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World connected through email and social media

Content Marketing
Email and social media are helping the world stay better connected. That’s according to a joint report by Ipsos/Reuters which states that using services like email marketing alongside Facebook and Twitter could be the key to keeping the world stay in touch with each other. The s
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Social media and website combination key to sales

Firms looking to improve their hard sell are being advised not to neglect their official websites in favour of social networking giant Facebook or micro-blogging service Twitter. Jeremiah Johnston, president of the Internet Commerce Association (ICA), believes that while social media
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