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mail marketing has become one of the most popular forms of online marketing in recent years. Inexpensive and effective, it allows businesses to broadcast marketing messages to a wide audience quickly and easily, track the results of each campaign and still retain that personal touch.

Here at the IT Marketing Factory, we can create hard-hitting email marketing campaigns that target new prospects whilst ensuring you stay in touch with existing clients via newsletters, technical bulletins or a simple IT tip of the month.

30-day trial with 1,000 free emails

Click to request a trial login to CyanMailer, our email marketing platform. With 1,000 free emails, you'll be sending campaigns in no time.

Send UNLIMITED emails to a maximum of 2,000 subscribers (option to upgrade this number).
A Rookie account includes all of our core email marketing features, SMS marketing and social media tools.
Send UNLIMITED emails to a maximum of 10,000 subscribers (option to upgrade this number).
Sign up for a Pro plan to receive all the fantastic features of Rookie, plus additional in-depth analysis tools, advanced email split-testing and Google Analytics integration.
Send UNLIMITED emails to a maximum of 20,000 subscribers (option to upgrade this number).
For the big hitters, our Guru plan includes all the ROI boosting features of Pro, plus additional features such as eCommerce tracking and a custom email domain.

  • Use it yourself or let us manage it for you

    Our designers can manage your campaigns, creating bespoke email designs, uploading your contact lists and scheduling the broadcast. Alternatively, we can create editable templates for you to use yourself. The choice is yours.
  • You don't have to be a designer

    The most attractive email templates are designed in HTML but don't worry, you don't need to be a programmer yourself to use our service. Our easy Campaign Designer module enables you to work with pre-designed templates that contain editable text and image areas.
  • Manages contact lists, keeps you legal

    To comply with European directives on email marketing, UK businesses need to use a reputable system which provides unsubscribe options and manages bounce backs. Our system will keep you legal and simplify the management of your prospect and client data.
  • In-depth analysis and tracking

    One of the great advantages of email marketing over direct marketing is the ability to track results. We’ll show you how to drill down into your campaigns to view vital statistics such as who read your messages and who clicked on the links.
  • Event registration & social media integration

    If you're looking to run seminars, webinars or any other event that requires registration, our system can help automate this process with sign-up forms and trigger confirmation emails. Help spread the word via Twitter and Facebook too thanks to built in social media integration.
  • We’ve had consistently good read rates over the years and love the fact we have that monthly outreach. The service creates a regular, professionally written, attractive newsletter  - with little effort needed on our part! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the service.
    IT company, Aberdeenshire
  • The IT Marketing Factory offers a friendly, simple to use service that takes very little input on our part to produce professional emails and a monthly newsletter. The IT articles are up-to-date and relevant to our offerings and our clients’ interests.
    IT company, London
  • Having used its newsletter production service since 2009, we’ve been impressed by the service The IT Marketing Factory provides. The articles are always fresh, interesting and relevant, allowing us to be seen to comment on industry news.
    IT company, Aberdeenshire
  • The design help for marketing emails has been invaluable in keeping our campaigns on schedule. We have never felt the need to explain the topics we are marketing in our emails as they are understood by The IT Marketing Factory’s specialist staff.
    IT company, London