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f you’re an IT support company or technology firm looking for an easy IT newsletter service, then look no further. Each month, we prepare a selection of news stories inspired by the latest goings-on in the world of technology and broadcast a range of IT newsletters for UK resellers and support companies.

  • You select from a list of canned news articles
  • We’ll post articles to your news blog or create static HTML pages on your domain
  • Your custom branded newsletter is broadcast to your clients and/or prospects via our email marketing platform
  • Campaign results are fully trackable
  • Includes articles on web security, Microsoft software releases, user ‘tips and tricks’, wireless connectivity, virtualisation, remote working, disaster recovery, cloud computing, mobile data etc.
  • Topical themes are used to explore how current events have a bearing on the use and delivery of IT services e.g. major sporting events, general elections, the summer holidays etc.


Standard Newswire
from £99/month
4 articles from standard selection.
Posted to your blog.
OPTION: Twitter & Facebook updates £25 extra
Sub-editor Package
from £195/month
4 articles from standard selection.
Broadcast via email newsletter and posted to your blog.
Self-written articles £50 extra.
Choice of templates customised with your branding.
Email broadcast (max. 500 contacts)
Broadsheet Package
from £450/month
Includes up to 4 standard or self-written articles and 1 custom article.
Broadcast via email newsletter and posted to your blog.
Choice of templates customised with your branding.
Email broadcast (max. 2,000 contacts)

Get a newsletter for your IT business from just £195 per month

We write the articles and post the news pages to your site. All you have to do is approve the words before we broadcast an HTML newsletter to your clients and prospects.

Why send a company newsletter?

  • Raise your profile

    Present yourself as an authority within the IT sector by commenting on all the latest news and industry events. They'll remember they heard it from you first.
  • Add value to your contracts

    Wouldn't you agree that part of your brief as an IT support provider is to provide regular updates on changing technology? Add value to your IT support contracts with articles that seek to inform and educate.
  • Educate your users

    Selling technical solutions to customers that don't fully understand the issues can be a challenge. That's why articles which explain the benefits of new technologies, such as virtualisation and cloud computing, can help secure new sales opportunities. Our tips and tricks articles are always popular too.
  • Increase customer loyalty

    Increase customer loyalty by showing the human side of your organisation. For example, run a feature on an employee who is getting married or running the London marathon for charity.
  • Cross-sell other services

    Maximise cross-sale opportunities by raising awareness of new product lines, upgrade options, special offers and upcoming events such as seminars and exhibitions.