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Monthly IT News Service

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Cyan delivers a unique news service aimed at IT support and technology companies who wish to communicate regularly with their customers and prospects.


Do not underestimate the power of words. With so much of your company communication in written form, it should be clear, well-presented and appealing to the reader.

Web Design

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Your website has the power to secure or deter potential clients in a matter of seconds. Get it right and they’ll be calling you to talk business. Get it wrong and they’ll be clicking away.

Email Marketing

IT news blogs, newsletters, case studies, e-marketing, web design & SEO for IT support companies and resellers

Our copywriters and online marketing gurus have all spent time working in the IT sector, something which enables us to offer a unique range of IT marketing services aimed at support companies and resellers.



Our copywriters, designers and online marketing gurus have first hand experience working in the IT sector


Our clients can confirm that our IT news service is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your website fresh.


We'll ensure you meet your marketing deadlines and allow you to stay focused on the day job.


If your customers need web marketing services, join our partner programme to earn commission on referral.

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  • We’ve had consistently good read rates over the years and love the fact we have that monthly outreach. The service creates a regular, professionally written, attractive newsletter  - with little effort needed on our part! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the service.
    IT company, Aberdeenshire
  • The IT Marketing Factory offers a friendly, simple to use service that takes very little input on our part to produce professional emails and a monthly newsletter. The IT articles are up-to-date and relevant to our offerings and our clients’ interests.
    IT company, London
  • Having used its newsletter production service since 2009, we’ve been impressed by the service The IT Marketing Factory provides. The articles are always fresh, interesting and relevant, allowing us to be seen to comment on industry news.
    IT company, Aberdeenshire
  • The design help for marketing emails has been invaluable in keeping our campaigns on schedule. We have never felt the need to explain the topics we are marketing in our emails as they are understood by The IT Marketing Factory’s specialist staff.
    IT company, London

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