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How to be their window on the world

Be your clients’ Windows 8.1 on the IT world
We’re just one week away from the release of Windows 8.1, Microsoft’s first major update to its latest OS. So how will you be communicating your position on this landmark event to your clients? If you are planning a blog post, an email campaign or just a simple tweet then go straight
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Lessons in marketing from The Apprentice

man pointing
I’m not sure The Apprentice always lives up to its reputation as a hard-hitting show about the realities of business life – but I confess to being a fan. As the head of a web marketing agency, I understand the need for reality TV shows to balance authenticity with entertai
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Stuck for words? Hire a copywriter

Screwed up paper
We can all write. So why would you want to hire a copywriter? Well, when you’re looking to create the right impression, a professional will have the skills and experience to convey what you want to say eloquently, presenting your company in its very best light. Of course, you know you
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Use case studies to breathe life into your solutions

Word Cloud Case Study
For an IT company, the benefits of a professionally written case study cannot be underestimated. Why not have examples of how your IT support services have assisted your customers to hand in the form of a case study, detailing the story of your working relationship? A good case study
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Content Marketing – the power of words

Word Cloud
If you keep an eye on online marketing trends, chances are you may have heard the term ‘content marketing’ bandied around. But what exactly is it and how can it help your IT company? Content marketing is a generic name to address copy written for the web for marketing purposes. The ai
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