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ITMF prepares to launch new marketing toolkit

For 8 years, IT support companies all over the UK have relied on the IT Marketing Factory to produce monthly newsletters for their customers and prospects – regular, topical news articles to build customer loyalty and retain mindshare. Now we’re launching a complementary s
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How to be their window on the world

Be your clients’ Windows 8.1 on the IT world
We’re just one week away from the release of Windows 8.1, Microsoft’s first major update to its latest OS. So how will you be communicating your position on this landmark event to your clients? If you are planning a blog post, an email campaign or just a simple tweet then go straight
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Whose subject line is it anyway?

Checking emails. set of envelopes with email
When you’re working on your next email campaign, remember to put as much time and thought into your subject line as you do the content. It’s the first thing your recipients will see and has the power to determine whether they open, ignore or simply delete your email. As an Essex marke
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Lessons in marketing from The Apprentice

man pointing
I’m not sure The Apprentice always lives up to its reputation as a hard-hitting show about the realities of business life – but I confess to being a fan. As the head of a web marketing agency, I understand the need for reality TV shows to balance authenticity with entertai
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Spring clean your IT marketing

Spring – the weather gets warmer, the days grow longer and plants and flowers come into bloom. Our moods lift and we feel a new lease of life – hence our new-found productivity and desire to undertake a bit of spring cleaning! So why not apply the same vigour to knocking y
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Securing new subscribers

Subscribe to newsletter web form with blue letter
One of the most fundamental factors in developing a strong permission-based email marketing strategy is building your subscriber database, and many customers approach us for advice on how to do so organically. It can seem a daunting task at first, but we have this advice that should m
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New Year special offers – only 15 days left

If you’re hungry for new ideas, the IT Marketing Factory is offering a veritable smorgasbord of online marketing and copywriting services to help target new business in 2013. What’s more, many of our packages are on special offer until the end of this month so speak to our experts tod
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We like big buttons and we cannot lie

We humans are now exposed to more information every minute of every day than we can possibly cope with – in fact, our brains have had to develop complex selection strategies to avoid a total meltdown. Fact. When it comes to email marketing or copy writing for websites, the more
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World connected through email and social media

Content Marketing
Email and social media are helping the world stay better connected. That’s according to a joint report by Ipsos/Reuters which states that using services like email marketing alongside Facebook and Twitter could be the key to keeping the world stay in touch with each other. The s
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Renewed calls for email to go mobile

online business
IT support companies are urged to ensure their email marketing is optimised for the growing mobile audience. Writing for, marketing expert Eric Wittlake explained that a growing mobile workforce has meant that it is more important than ever for businesses to target mobi
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