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Spring clean your IT marketing

Spring – the weather gets warmer, the days grow longer and plants and flowers come into bloom. Our moods lift and we feel a new lease of life – hence our new-found productivity and desire to undertake a bit of spring cleaning!

So why not apply the same vigour to knocking your marketing in shape? Renewed focus on strategy could be just what your IT company needs to give it some fresh appeal. The IT Marketing Factory is a specialist marketing agency that can help dust the cobwebs off your website, de-clutter your data and provide new IT marketing ideas. Read our tips for the new season or call us on 01268 778555 to discuss your marketing requirements.

1. Clean your data

Reviewing your contact lists is essential to get the most from your campaigns. Add any new contacts you’ve acquired. Look at ways in which you can attract more subscribers – perhaps you could offer an incentive for current subscribers to forward emails to friends, or get people to give you their email address at your next conference or event.

Remove inactive, incorrect or duplicate emails. Alternatively, you could sign up to an email marketing platform which will automatically do this for you.

2. Manage your online profile

Make sure your directory listings are up-to-date. If contact details have changed recently, correct them so potential customers can get in touch.

Do you know what your online reputation is like? Try doing a quick search for your company name on Google and see what comes up. You may have received reviews, both good and bad. Take some time to reply to the good reviews to thank them for their compliments; acknowledge less favourable reviews, perhaps offering a solution or a promise to review any issues that have prompted their concern. This will show you as open to feedback and willing to use it to improve your IT products or services.

3. Website

How long is it since you reviewed your website? Give it a new lease of life with some new content – add some news, some blog posts and perhaps some new photos. Remove any out-of-date vouchers as a matter of importance.

4. Social media

These days, social media is one of the larger platforms for business marketing. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to get on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. It’s an inexpensive way of marketing. Why not link your accounts? Doing this will, for example, allow anything you post on Twitter to automatically post to Facebook as well.

5. Try new marketing strategies

Why not take the opportunity to try out new methods? Remarketing is a way of targeting advertisements at people based on what they are already interested in. This is done based on their browsing history. You could also consider pay per click (PPC), also known as search engine marketing (SEM) – this is a way of having adverts placed at the side in search engines based upon keywords you supply, guaranteeing prominence. You are charged for every time someone clicks on this link to visit your website. This can be a great way of attracting new visitors to your site who are already looking for the products or service you provide.

The IT Marketing Factory is a hot house for nifty IT marketing ideas designed to help UK resellers and IT support companies better promote their products and services.