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Social media and website combination key to sales

Firms looking to improve their hard sell are being advised not to neglect their official websites in favour of social networking giant Facebook or micro-blogging service Twitter.

Jeremiah Johnston, president of the Internet Commerce Association (ICA), believes that while social media is a great avenue for creating leads and developing relationships, it is also a crowded marketplace.

As a result, firms need to use their websites in order to stand out and give the consumer a better shopping experience – something that may require the help of a website design agency to create a site up to modern browsing standards.

In addition, if a site is stuck ten years in the past, it may harm the benefits that social media can bring. Customers may click through to a website via social media and leave with a bitter taste after seeing a poor website design.

Johnston commented on the social media/website relationship: “Social media, however, is still at its heart a lead generator and relationship management tool, but not a tool for closing a transaction. It may help with customer service and marketing, but whether it’s on Facebook or Twitter, the customer will require a richer experience previewing goods before submitting payment.

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