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‘Over-marketing’ – too much of a good thing?

Stressed blond woman shouting
If you want your business to prosper, you’ll no doubt understand the need to market your products and services. Without getting your message out there, you won’t attract new customers. Investment in IT marketing services will pay off in revenue acquired from new business. However, the
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Spring clean your IT marketing

Spring – the weather gets warmer, the days grow longer and plants and flowers come into bloom. Our moods lift and we feel a new lease of life – hence our new-found productivity and desire to undertake a bit of spring cleaning! So why not apply the same vigour to knocking y
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Budget-proofing your marketing

Budget-proofing your marketing Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, presents his Spring Budget tomorrow. With the country still in the midst of a recession, it’s expected Osborne will be making cutbacks in an attempt to lessen the national debt. In these hard times, IT compani
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New Year special offers – only 15 days left

If you’re hungry for new ideas, the IT Marketing Factory is offering a veritable smorgasbord of online marketing and copywriting services to help target new business in 2013. What’s more, many of our packages are on special offer until the end of this month so speak to our experts tod
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We like big buttons and we cannot lie

We humans are now exposed to more information every minute of every day than we can possibly cope with – in fact, our brains have had to develop complex selection strategies to avoid a total meltdown. Fact. When it comes to email marketing or copy writing for websites, the more
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Outsourcing the production of an IT newsletter

IT newsletters
I ran my own IT support business for 8 years and often felt frustrated at my company’s inability to communicate regularly and effectively with clients. We made various attempts at writing newsletters over the years. We even managed to get a few editions out to our customers. But
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Send and deliver – avoid a ‘hold up’ on your email campaign

Send and deliver
When sending email marketing campaigns, you want to get your voice heard. That means you’ll want to ensure your message is getting to your audience’s inboxes without any problems. One way of enhancing the deliverability of your campaigns is to set up an SPF record. Follow
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Why summer time is no time to put up those tired marketing feet

Put your feet up
August is often said to be a quiet business month but this should not hold true for every area of your organisation. Granted it can be difficult converting new customers during the holiday period, with key decision makers away sunning themselves on foreign beaches. But just like that
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Create a client search portal to stay within easy reach

Client search portal
Customer retention has never been more important to small businesses than it is today and this means taking every opportunity to stay in the forefront of your clients’ minds. If you get it right, whenever a need for new products and services arises, yours will be the first numbe
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Your 5-a-day when creating a marketing campaign from scratch

Formulating a new marketing campaign from scratch can be a little daunting. So think of the following as your 5-a-day, some basic essentials to keep you performing to the best of your ability. 1. A website that reflects how great you are You’re an IT company. So potential customers wi
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