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Video thrilled the media stars

They say a picture paints a thousand words. It seems that modern media is ever more concerned with all things visual – just look at the popularity of social media sites photography based ones like Instagram and video centric ones such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Online video is becoming an ever more influential media, with more than 4 billion watched on a daily basis. You only have to think of the explosion of recent memes such as the Harlem Shake and the Gangnam Style video to understand the power of the short clip. 68% of those watching these videos share links.

In advertising, online video excels. Consider these facts: After 72 hours, the average person will retain 10% of what they’ve read; they will recall 65% of an image they have seen; after watching a video, they will remember 95% of its content.

So how can you apply the power and popularity of this media to your marketing?

Many IT companies are starting to use video as part of their website design. You may have your MD providing a welcome on your home page, or maybe even a video of your happy customers speaking about their experience of your service? You’ll be attributing a friendly face to your company and your brand that your customers and prospects will remember.

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