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World connected through email and social media

Content Marketing
Email and social media are helping the world stay better connected. That’s according to a joint report by Ipsos/Reuters which states that using services like email marketing alongside Facebook and Twitter could be the key to keeping the world stay in touch with each other. The s
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Why summer time is no time to put up those tired marketing feet

Put your feet up
August is often said to be a quiet business month but this should not hold true for every area of your organisation. Granted it can be difficult converting new customers during the holiday period, with key decision makers away sunning themselves on foreign beaches. But just like that
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Renewed calls for email to go mobile

online business
IT support companies are urged to ensure their email marketing is optimised for the growing mobile audience. Writing for, marketing expert Eric Wittlake explained that a growing mobile workforce has meant that it is more important than ever for businesses to target mobi
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Avoid a false start with your Olympic-themed marketing

Starting Block Runner
As the Olympic flame passed directly by our offices last week, the driving rain never looked like deterring those caught up in the excitement and anticipation of this year’s Games. School children waved their flags, the café opposite must have taken a week’s turnover in ju
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Create a client search portal to stay within easy reach

Client search portal
Customer retention has never been more important to small businesses than it is today and this means taking every opportunity to stay in the forefront of your clients’ minds. If you get it right, whenever a need for new products and services arises, yours will be the first numbe
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Use case studies to breathe life into your solutions

Word Cloud Case Study
For an IT company, the benefits of a professionally written case study cannot be underestimated. Why not have examples of how your IT support services have assisted your customers to hand in the form of a case study, detailing the story of your working relationship? A good case study
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Testimonials: Let your customers do the talking

You can big yourself up to your heart’s content, but the most powerful statements about your IT company will always come from your customers. Testimonials are one of the most potent marketing tools you have at your disposal. They cost nothing and hold so much value. Prospects wa
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