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The power of SEO

SEO – or search engine optimisation – is, in its most simplistic definition, is the process of improving the prominence of a website in search engine rankings. It’s a process which demands time and effort to see long term results and requires the skills of an SEO specialist.

An initial investment in SEO services can reap vast rewards for an IT company looking to boost its online presence to attract new custom.

Companies should have realistic expectations when embarking upon an SEO campaign – employing an SEO agency won’t get you to the top of Google’s rankings for your chosen keywords overnight! However, over time you will see your website climb up the rankings and this is essential in IT company marketing strategies for getting noticed.

Optimising your web presence will certainly assist in raising awareness of your brand. You can hardly profess to be the best IT company in your region or specialist area if no one has even heard of you! Whilst the layman would usually have little technical knowledge of SEO, many will be familiar with what it is and its benefits and therefore conclude that any IT company ranked highly on Google is likely to be reliable and trustworthy. They are unlikely to assume the same about your competitor listed on page 33 of the search results – especially since it is doubtful they will carry on their search that long to find it!

The outlay for SEO is relatively low in relation to the costs associated with other forms of marketing and its value is particularly good when you consider the massive potential for return on investment.  The aim is, of course, to generate more traffic to your website which will result in more sales. It’s a simple formula: more clicks = more custom. It’s a cyclical process, in fact, since the traffic you generate through SEO will serve to further improve your SEO, improving your rankings time and time again.

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