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Don’t be fooled by rogue SEO services

Did you really believe that $200 would get you to number one in the search engines? All too often the answer is a saddening “yes” as companies get duped into a service that not only wastes your money, but can also damage your domain permanently. Your website could end up being referenced in many illegal and “adult sites” and the ones that aren’t harmful will be sure to be on Asian websites with no relevance or connection to your business. Your “SEO consultant” who promised the stars was misleading you. There are cheaper SEO services available that can indeed be a nice boost but the reality is if your business is to perform well online you need a more convincing service that’s better focused.

“Just send us 5 keywords”. If all the company is asking for is keywords and payment then you really need to assess what you are paying for. A quick boost sounds nice but can have disastrous after effects, potentially getting your domain banned and annihilating your online efforts and the money you have spent is wasted.

Be vigilant when approached by an SEO Agency. SEO is a strange practice filled with myths and complexities, but don’t let your SEO consultant be vague about what you are getting for your money.

They should be able to assess the market – if you know you are in a competitive market, such as a clothing store or even a business phone line provider, you’ll be aware of your industry leaders, so any promise of a #1 position is of course baseless.

Should I be wary of email marketing campaigns? Once again vigilance is required. Many professional companies send out email marketing campaigns, but a professional SEO company won’t approach you with empty promises. A poorly worded email is a good sign of an opportunist most likely based in another continent with no experience of the UK market or a sufficient grasp of English to be intuitive enough to follow search patterns.

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