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Content Marketing

Content marketing attracts a target audience with information of interest and relevance to them. The overall objective, of course, is that these visitors will become customers. The beauty of content marketing is that if you lead, your target audience will follow – rather than didactically selling your services, potential customers CHOOSE to come to you.

Our news content also pleases the search engines, which give preference to content which is fresh and unique.

We produce high quality content, rich in your keywords, to help you gain organic rankings as well as bring your customers to you. Speak to us today for more information.

  • Gets the right people to your site
  • Builds your brand awareness
  • News that is highly shareable to increase your outreach
  • Professionally written and researched
  • Search engine friendly to encourage higher rankings



Quietly Content
£50 per article
Your starter for 10. Start your news content marketing with up to 10 articles.
Content Cover
£45 per article
Better rates now you’re in the swing of things. Up to 25 articles.
To your Heart’s Content
£40 per article
For the big hitters requiring larger numbers. More than 25 articles.